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I have a serious problem when it comes to books - I can't stop buying new ones before I've read the ones I already have! My new resolution: read more, buy less.

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Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker's Guide Series #5)

Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker's Guide, #5) - Douglas Adams I still enjoyed this last installment of the series, but found it lacked a clear direction. I also felt the ending was a little anticlimactic? It feels a lot like this book was something of a 'tag on' to the previous four, and I think it would have been better to stop at the fourth book (which in my opinion had a much more satisfying ending). I mean, he just got rid of Fenchurch. Just 'deleted' her, essentially. Buuut apart from all of that, the same tone of writing was still there, and so overall I still loved the book :D