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I have a serious problem when it comes to books - I can't stop buying new ones before I've read the ones I already have! My new resolution: read more, buy less.

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The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Interesting concept, poorly delivered.

Cyber War Will Not Take Place - Thomas Rid

This book had some real potential - it's a shame it fell short of achieving it in the end. Whilst the information contained within is useful, and enlightening, the poor wording and irritating tendency towards repetition spoilt the experience for me. At one point I found myself reading the same sentence, almost word-for-word, only two pages after it had previously appeared! I think, in short, the book could have benefitted from more thorough proof-reading and editing.


That said, the actual topic of cyber war is a fascinating one, and this book provides a refreshingly calm view of it. All too often, the subject is surrounded by hype and misinformation, so it was nice to have someone present the information clearly for once. 

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings - I think this series may have changed my life. It's certainly changed the way I see the world, and I think in reading it I grew a little. I learned a little more about life, and about death.It's really altered the way I think about books and reading, too. To think that a simple book could have such a huge long-term impact on my mood, my mind, is an amazing discovery for me.Read these books.

The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy - J.K. Rowling Not really my thing. She built an interesting, inter-connected world, but I really don't like reading about chavs. And the ending was too open and depressing for my liking.

Kensuke's Kingdom

Kensuke's Kingdom - Michael Morpurgo Excellent! Read it in a day. I remembered reading this when I was really young, about 8yrs old maybe? And I just had this sudden nostalgia take me over-I remembered reading about sailing and adventure...so I just knew I had to read it again. I went searching all over in secondhand bookshops for it, then would you believe I found it at a carboot sale for 20p! Bargain! And so weird for it to turn up so quickly-just a week of searching.Utterly enjoyed it.

How to Be a Woman

How to Be a Woman - Caitlin Moran Really not for me. I laughed at the odd thing, but for the most part I just have absolutely nothing in common with her at all.


Stardust - Neil Gaiman Definitely my favourite Gaiman so far!

Anansi Boys

Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman Having read two other Gaiman books, American Gods and Neverwhere, I have to say I think this may be my favourite yet! American Gods didn't really do it for me, nothing much seemed to actually HAPPEN (all too abstract for me I think), but this was just brilliant. A nice blend of humour and action that actually kept me engaged the whole way through. So yes. Gaiman is growing on me. (I guess American Gods was not the best one to start with!)

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1)

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1) - James Dashner A slow starter (I mean, I felt just as frustrated as the protagonist at the beginning when NONE of his questions were being answered. Argh!) But, as it got on towards the end, I really did start to get into it! Even the lingo (shank, slint-head, klunk) stopped being annoying, and started to work along with the story to build a unique world for me to lose myself in. Hopefully the next book will be a bit quicker off the mark!

Wither (Chemical Garden)

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano Yeah, it was alright. Towards the end it got very...sad? Depressing? Just one bad thing after another, or so it seemed. Don't really know what to make of it, I think I liked it. I mean, I finished it pretty quickly and found it hard to put down, so I guess that means I enjoyed it. I dunno, it's hard to describe.

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 1)

Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris Ok, so some of this read like bad fan fiction. "Oh Bill!" "Oh Sookie!" Some of the descriptions of the interactions between these two were freaking hilarious.But, on the whole, a good romp. Fairly enjoyable, and will be reading the next in the series (though that's mainly because I own a ten book box set of them. I didn't enjoy it enough to specifically seek out the next book, I just happen to have it so I'll read it!)

Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker's Guide Series #5)

Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker's Guide, #5) - Douglas Adams I still enjoyed this last installment of the series, but found it lacked a clear direction. I also felt the ending was a little anticlimactic? It feels a lot like this book was something of a 'tag on' to the previous four, and I think it would have been better to stop at the fourth book (which in my opinion had a much more satisfying ending). I mean, he just got rid of Fenchurch. Just 'deleted' her, essentially. Buuut apart from all of that, the same tone of writing was still there, and so overall I still loved the book :D

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide Series #1)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide Series #1) - Totally, absolutely what I needed right now. When you're working too hard, the best thing in the world to remedy a stress-addled mind is a big dose of silliness and whimsy-which this book has in spades. Quite wonderful.

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2) - Lauren Oliver Not as good as the first one, I don't think. But what an ending! Damn! I both love and hate cliffhangers.

The Neurotourist: Postcards from the Edge of Brain Science

The Neurotourist: Postcards from the Edge of Brain Science - Lone Frank This book is written in such an accessible style! For someone who studies physics full-time, the last thing I want when I settle down to read a book is to be confronted with another dry tome of yet more facts and figures. This book is nothing of the sort, with a wonderful human voice present throughout.